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Our Offerings

If you are interested in obtaining a PhD from our organization or require prayers for Art, please make donations via PRAYPAL and create your Altar Ego.

Art Nunz are available for Performance ART where they will pray for artistic creativity and to unblock one's genius. Please consider them for you upcoming grand opening, baptism, art festival/openings/exhibits, consecrations and/or deconsecrations, spiritual conferences (religious and unaffiliated), parades, award banquaward banquets, birthdays, unbirthdays, teaparties, personal entourage, alien landings, funerals, bar/bat mitzvahs, quinceaneras, as back up signers, Tequila tastings, second line, prison release parties, celebrity judges, graduations, weddings, fund-raising whores, commencement speakers, solstice rituals, insurrections, civil disobedience, protests, and revolutions. Ask us about our Live Painting and our range of bodyguard and security services. Quotes available on request. We are available worldwide.

*Sorry, we are no longer available for pornos of any kind.
For interviews, press related, and exhibitions inquires please contact Sister Caritas Karate directly:

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