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Creating an Altar Ego

A Step-by-Step Guide:

1. Define Purpose:

Understand why you want an altar ego and changes it can bring to your life. It could be for creative expression, anonymity, or exploring different aspects of your personality that are more unrealized light or more repressed shadow. What has been unattainable by the primary identity is now fully available.  

2. Distinct Image:

Develop a unique visual representation. This could include clothing, hairstyle, or attitude. Think Lady Gaga, Ziggy Stardust, and Sasha Fierce…or Batman. Embody the differences between yourself and your altar ego. This could include mannerisms, speech patterns, or behaviors. See what has been hidden and unavailable to your primary identity.

3. Origin Story:

Craft a compelling story of your birth. This narrative can provide depth and context to your existence.

4.Choose a Name:

Select a name that resonates with the personality and characteristics of your altar ego. It could be entirely different from your real name or reveal buried truths of your incarnation. Be your name.

5. Personality Traits:

Determine the personality traits of your new identity. Consider how they differ from your own traits. Drive the new identity like a  freaking rental car.

6. Integrate:

In time, integrate the lessons and new behaviors of your altar ego into your primary identity. Conduct baptisms as needed to wash and cleanse the name and integrate identities- least one fissure and rupture thus causing permanent damage to the soul.


*Remember, the key is to have fun and explore aspects of yourself that may not be expressed in your everyday life. This exercise is a tool for self-discovery and creative expression.

Our Offerings

If you are interested in obtaining a PhD from our organization or require prayers for Art, please make donations via PRAYPAL and create your Altar Ego.

Art Nunz are available for Performance ART where they will pray for artistic creativity and to unblock one's genius. Please consider them for you upcoming grand opening, baptism, art festival/openings/exhibits, consecrations and/or deconsecrations, spiritual conferences (religious and unaffiliated), parades, award banquaward banquets, birthdays, unbirthdays, teaparties, personal entourage, alien landings, funerals, bar/bat mitzvahs, quinceaneras, as back up signers, Tequila tastings, second line, prison release parties, celebrity judges, graduations, weddings, fund-raising whores, commencement speakers, solstice rituals, insurrections, civil disobedience, protests, and revolutions. Ask us about our Live Painting and our range of bodyguard and security services. Quotes available on request. We are available worldwide.

*Sorry, we are no longer available for pornos of any kind.
For interviews, press related, and exhibitions inquires please contact Sister Caritas Karate directly:

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